The Mastermind Behind McDonalds: Do You Know? The Mastermind Behind McDonalds: Do You Know?

The Mastermind Behind McDonalds: Do You Know?

The Mastermind Behind McDonalds: Do You Know?

The Mastermind Behind McDonalds is a documentary film, which depicts the dark side of a multinational corporation. It attempts to examine the deep dark secrets, which a small group of people has managed to hide behind the roof of McDonalds, which appears to be a symbol of everything that is wrong with American society. The Mastermind Behind McDonalds exposes the hidden practices and abuse inside this multinational corporation.

The Mastermind Behind McDonalds: Do You Know?
The Mastermind Behind McDonalds: Do You Know?

About McDonalds History

This documentary was done by an independent filmmaker who decided to make a film about McDonalds, a powerful government organization. He reveals the low standards of their working practices, the constant efforts to improve and promote products that they have no time to test, and the way that their main shareholders make massive profits from what should be their workers’ salaries. The film attempts to provide evidence that McDonalds has a troubled history of unethical practices and will not change until they are taken down a notch, and has been likened to such films as Corporate Mafia.

McDonalds, as an organization, sells both hamburgers and fries. It is known to sell cheap and unhealthy foods. They also have many more food products, which include soft drinks, pies, burgers, chicken nuggets, and cheese fries.

I was very impressed with this documentary, because as a former employee of McDonalds, I saw just how bad of a company they were. They had huge overhead costs, and if they made a mistake, it was immediately noticeable. One thing that they tried to do was get their employees to carry their lunch trays in to work.

About Workers Of McDonalds

Then when the workers would go home and finish their meals, they would start cooking it, putting it on the grill, and when they got back to work, they would eat it as soon as possible. It was almost disgusting how bad it tasted. I could also tell from watching their employees, that they did not enjoy their jobs, because they were always ready to go home and finish up with the work that they were given.

The documentary is informative and enlightening. For instance, when their employees came to work, they did not have to get a meal. Most companies require you to have a break or lunch, so they would get them later in the day. But with McDonalds, since they didn’t have a break when they got there. They would immediately go right into the kitchen, start grilling and take out their lunch.


Another thing that I found out was that even though they have these strict rules, it is still a big problem for them, because their workers usually got sick, and their workers would bring their families to work as well. They have even admitted that this is a big problem because it makes it hard for them to train their employees, and it makes it difficult for them to keep up with the menu and food selection since they do not have anyone to help them.

Also, you can see their business practices very clearly. It shows that when they do run into problems, they would try to hide the truth and have a “journey of discovery”. It shows the difficulty of making everything right. And how difficult it is to make their products and reputation look good.

Another Reason: McDonalds

This film made me realize just how big of a company they are. And how many abuses they have, and what kinds of things I would not do. When I saw how big of a corporation they are, I felt I got a firsthand experience of the problems that they have. And hopefully, it would be able to be a wake-up call for all Americans.

The movie also shows how their products are usually sub-par. And how they manage to market them as high quality, while they are in fact not of very high quality. Another thing that the film showed was how they try to save money by cutting on expenses. And how they often try to minimize costs by buying food that they know is not of very high quality.

The Mastermind Behind McDonalds: Do You Know?
The Mastermind Behind McDonalds: Do You Know?


Another reason why I loved this film is that it had some great production values. It also has some very unique special interviews that were filmed with some of the most famous people in America, including President Barack Obama, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Bill Clinton. They show why they believe these things, and what would have happened if they were elected.

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