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Steve Jobs – Some Facts On This Modern Day Genius

Steve Jobs – Facts You Need To Know

Steve Jobs is no doubt a famous personality. He was a man who outgrew his own creation. This tells the tale of a man with immense strength and power of the mind. His statements people use as quotes. This was a man with many talents. His creations still live amidst the ocean of other creations. Apple is a brand that everyone knows about. Death has failed to erase his name from the face of the earth. Time has failed to make people forget about him. Here are some facts about this enigma.

Steve Jobs And Mona Simpson

He had been unaware of the existence of his sister, Mona Simpson. She was a renowned writer. Her debut novel spoke about her relationship that she shared with her parents. The business tycoon did not have any idea that he had ties with Mona.

Steve Jobs – Facts You Need To Know
Steve Jobs – Some Facts On This Modern Day Genius

Later he discovered the ties while attempting to track down his parents. They both had artistic streaks in their blood. It ran deeper than anything else. The discovery had shaken many who came to learn about the relationship.

Steve Jobs And Breakout

Breakout had been a famous game in the past. It had successfully earned a lot of admirers. The Apple founder had developed this game. Later he had followed his vision. Apple emerged out soon after that.

Steve Jobs And His Work At HP

He received an offer to work for HP. That does not sound like a big deal, right? Well, of course anyone can get such an offer. However, what made the Apple founder exceptional was his age. He was 12 year old when the offer found its way to him.

The offer came when he called the CEO of the company for assistance. He had been busy building a frequency machine. The effort drove him into some trouble. He faced problems with parts of the machine. To get a solution he called up the CEO. Soon after the conversation he received the job offer.

Zen Buddhism

The Apple founder left more than his signs in his creation. He had left his religious belief in them as well. Apple’s simple designs and neat appearance divulge the touch of Zen belief. He had acquired this belief while travelling around. Meditation had been a great part of his life.

After returning home, he kept up meditating. The habit had brought a lot of changes in his life. His creation began to speak of the clean path which Zen encourages people to take.

Steve Jobs – Facts You Need To Know
Steve Jobs – Some Facts On This Modern Day Genius


People criticize him for not donating money. Frequently they compare him to Bill Gates. The Microsoft founder had gained fame for donation. However, the Apple founder had made many secret donations. He had stayed detached from the charitable funding. His wife claimed that he had never appreciated the publicity for donating money. He had professional bonding with the Microsoft founder. They had appeared together in some shows as well. Gates had spent quality time with the Apple Founder. They had a rivalry, however, they had no hatred for each other.

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