Social Media Stars: Well-Tuned Digital World -

Social Media Stars: Well-Tuned Digital World

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Social Media Stars are everywhere, from the celebrities that people follow on Twitter to the people who get featured on Facebook’s “About” page. Many kids are very well-tuned into the digital world and never having had a real-world without these new electronic gadgets, cell phones, or laptops. So when a kid turns thirteen and decides to follow celebrities on social media sites, they know their idols will be right there waiting for them.

Social Media For Kids

Many parents find it hard to let go of their kids and completely allow their children to control the social media that they use. The good news is that a growing number of companies are starting to realize the importance of social media for kids and are coming out with programs that teach kids how to become more social media savvy.

Follow Celebrities On Social Sites
Social Media Stars: Well-Tuned Digital World

My Space: Social Media Stars

A great example of this is MySpace. MySpace is similar to the social networking site Facebook in that there are hundreds of thousands of other users who all have the same interests as you do. However, the key difference is that MySpace is for teens. To make it easier for your child to use social media at such a young age, a company like Google has started a program called “Google MySpace for kids.”

Make Your Child’s Page

Google MySpace is a free service that allows you to make your child’s page look exactly like the pages that celebrities have on MySpace. For example, when your child follows someone, they can see all of their favorite songs and pictures on the page and any other things that would look cool in their profile. As your child gets older, you can add pictures and videos of your kids and other family members.

Learn The Ropes Of Social Networks

This is just one of many ways Google hopes to help kids learn the ropes of using social networks. They also have sites where parents can upload photos, videos, and other things for their kids to use on their profile. Parents can also share their pictures and video with their kids on the website. If you have a large family, it may be easier to create separate profiles for different age groups and give each one access to different features.

Type Of Program: Social Media Stars

This type of program is a great way to help your child learn the ropes of using social media websites. You can also use it to help teach them to share their opinions with others since they will have the ability to post comments and suggestions to their friends on the sites they are using.
Another great resource is the social networking site known as Facebook.

Available In Social Network

When you turn your child on to the site, he or she will see all of their friends and all of the other kids and other parents, which will help them get a feel for the community that is available in a social network.
If you take the time to set up a profile on these two sites, you can teach your child how to become a social network member. Your child will start to see the benefits of using social networks, and they will become more knowledgeable about social networks as they grow older. Once they get into high school, they will be ready to join the real thing!

Increase Internet Usage

Internet use by children has increased over the last few years. There are several reasons for this increase in internet usage, but one of the biggest reasons is the social network.
It is good to teach your children how to become members of social networks as soon as possible. This will allow them to feel for what it is like to be part of a social network.

Teach Kids About Using Social Media
Social Media Stars: Well-Tuned Digital World

Start With Free Account

It is always best to start with a free account to get the community’s idea before you purchase an account with one of the big three sites. You can use free accounts to teach your child the basics of social networking, such as joining groups and liking and following people. Once your child becomes comfortable with social networking, you can then upgrade their account with a paid account.

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