Marie Curie: The Legendary Women Marie Curie: The Legendary Women

Marie Curie: The Legendary Women

When Marie Curie did receive the Nobel Prize in 1921, a Nobel prize committee was happy by her accomplishments. She was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for physics and the second woman to win the award. In fact, she was the only woman to ever win the Nobel Prize for chemistry.

In her papers, it was discovered that Marie Curie had made important contributions to science, medicine, and many other fields. She was an accomplished researcher, experimented with acids, dissolved liquids, and transformed radioactivity into useful products.

The Legendary Marie Curie
The Legendary Marie Curie

About Marie Curie

The main area of her research is that of radium. She did demonstrate how radioactive substances could be in use to treat many different forms of cancer. Also, she was able to combine this knowledge with her other forms of research to develop methods for treating cancer.

She was responsible for discovering a compound called Suberin. This was another name is Vitamin B5. It was extremely effective against different forms of cancer and was famous to be highly anti-tumor.

Other Achievements: Marie Curie

She was also credited with being the first person to recognize the cancerous nature of human beings. Also, she used a microscope to watch human tissue being affected by cancer cells and was able to see them on a microscopic level. She was able to isolate some cancerous cells and were able to make them disappear.

Her work with these microscopic cells led to her discovery of a mold that could transform blood into oxygen, which was then utilized in some form of treatment for blindness. While working with the mold, she had been experimenting with the power of the rays emitted from sunlight. She was able to use the rays to cure many different forms of blindness and was known as the “Angel of the Blind.”

Discovery Of Insulin : Marie Curie

Marie Curie’s discovery of insulin was the biggest surprise of her life. She became quite famous for this discovery, but it was not always well received. She believed that insulin was necessary to help people with diabetes.

In addition to using insulin, she was also the one who first introduced the glycemic index. She found that the index showed how quickly a particular food raised the blood sugar level in a person. She and her husband, Raymond Burrell, were the first people to use this index in an effort to try to control diabetes.

The person was able to find out which foods were of importance and which foods were not needed because a person with diabetes could have normal blood sugar levels, even though they didn’t have a sufficient amount of pure glucose. These numbers helped to eliminate many dietary restrictions. This invention was instrumental in reducing the number of complications experienced by diabetics.

In addition to being the “Angel of the Blind,” Marie Curie was also famous for being one of the pioneers of more than 100 discoveries. She was famous as the first person to find fission. She and her husband both discovered the elements uranium and thorium.

Won Nobel Prize

When Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize, it was a great achievement for women in general. This certainly went against the usual views of how women were of value in those days. She truly was the most important scientist in the world, and her discoveries really helped people.

The Legendary Marie Curie
The Legendary Marie Curie


Marie Curie didn’t just research things. She was a very active individual in many different areas of science and medicine. She did not simply sit around with her research book and research the data but rather worked on the front lines in an effort to improve the world.

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