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Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings Are Enigmatic

Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings – Detailed Discussion

Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings hold the highest regard for multiple reasons. The painter had invested years after each one of his creations. He had studied science to bestow perfection on his characters. The in-depth study of anatomy had adorned his creations the realism. His work had held people by awe. Today, the beholders stare at them with a combination of respect and amazement.

He scattered secret symbols around his works. People still attempt to find meaning behind the mass of paint and canvas. Each work depicts some secret symbols. The painter had his sense of humor. He had added his enigma to his creations. The article plunges into the depth of his creations to create a list of the best.

Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings – Detailed Discussion
Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings Are Enigmatic

Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings – Mona Lisa

She is famous for smiling. The lady on the canvas had captivated the world. Her enigma still lingers. She still mystifies the beholders. The detachment of her face had delighted the viewers. Her cagy smile makes people wonder even today.

Her face had earned the painter universal recognition. The creation surveys the theme of joy. The creator had made joy its key motif. If the sitter had captivated the viewers, the landscape had enthralled them. Its clever depiction made this piece of art invaluable.  

Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings – The Last Supper

The creation says a lot. You need to have the eye to read the meaning concealed in the canvas. The piece of art had held people with a grip tight enough to evoke awe. It took years to finish. Even after the final stroke of the brush, it faced troubles. Paints slid off the canvas. The time did not look at the creation with kindness. Yet, it had remained with stubbornness.

The image had been his first large venture. It had been a piece of an experiment. He had used many unusual things to create the image. Details of the image had made it famous. People find many concealed meanings in the canvas. The painter had gained fame for adding symbols to paintings.

May had no idea about the image. It did not fare well after completion. The paints began to flake off. The experiment had not brought success. However, the image still had its set of admirers.

Madonna Of The Yarnwinder

This is another famous image of the painter. He had created this years ago. However, people doubt that the original had lost its way into the past. A multitude of copies found their ways to the modern time. However, some think that two had emerged out from the painter’s hand.

The two images depict similar figures. However, the backdrop had differences. One shows a raging sea while the other depicts mountain range. In both the images, Mary attempts to draw baby Jesus from a crucifix. This small image had gained fame due to the mystery surrounding it.

Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings – Detailed Discussion
Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings Are Enigmatic

Lastly, the painter had other creations. These had people enthralled for many reasons. However, the three images are the most famous due to a plethora of reasons. These had the painters talk about them. The images had critics spend many hours debating over their meanings.  

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