Legendary Historical Figures: Famous Personas Throughout The History Legendary Historical Figures: Famous Personas Throughout The History

Legendary Historical Figures: Famous Personas Throughout The History

Legendary Historical Figures:

Throughout the history of mankind, always the legendary historical figures had appeared in every country. And these legendary historical figures come from various cultural backgrounds also. Among the famous figures, some spiritual, political, and word-artists also have a place. So, let’s know about these prominent historical figures: 

Homer The Greek Poet

Most of us have heard about the Iliad and the Odyssey, two classical epic poems of Ancient Greek. Presumably, the author of both of these poems is Homer. If the presumption is true, then Homer is, without a doubt, one of the best literary artists in history. After all, his writings of these two poems have formed a significant influence on Western literature. 

Legendary Historical Figures: Famous Personas Throughout The History

Legendary Historical Figures: Ramses II

In Egypt, Ramses II was the third Pharaoh who ruled between 1279 BC and 1213 BC. He consolidated the tremendous Egyptian power, through his military conquest and also the extensive building programs. In Egyptian history, his reign was considered as the second-longest. There are many colossal statues of Ramses II all over Egypt.

Legendary Historical Figures: Cyrus The Great

In the years 600 BCE, Cyrus the Great came into these worlds and became the founder of the Persian Empire. In his lifetime, he conquered the empires of Lydia, Media, and Babylonia. What makes him stand apart was that he ruled with tolerance towards respective religions and cultures.

So, he never forced the people of the conquered empires to change their cultures and religions. His administration was efficient, and those who governed him really appreciated them. He created the first fairly governed multi-ethnic state.

Spiritual Teacher Lord Buddha

We know about Lord Buddha as the founder of Buddhism. Before becoming Lord Buddha, he was the prince of a Northern-Indian kingdom long before the birth of Jesus Christ. But, despite being having all the wealth and comfort, he felt empty within. So, he gave up all the comforts of the palace in search of enlightenment.

Legendary Historical Figures: Sri Ramachandra

Sri Rama said to have existed around 5114 BCE, and he was Ayodhya’s model king. And he was said to live a life full of dharma. According to the Hindu epic “Ramayana”, he had to visit Sri Lanka to retrieve his wife from Ravana. Ravana was the king of Lanka who kidnapped Sita for a reason. And in Hindu mythology, Rama has his place as the 7th incarnation of Vishnu.

Lord Sri Krishna

Krishna is considered as the spiritual teacher of Hinduism. In the epic, “Mahabharata” Lord Sri Krishna gave various discourses to Arjuna, his disciple. During the War of Kurukshetra, the conversations between Arjuna and Krishna had given birth to Bhagavad Gita. So, Bhagavad Gita became a spiritual book for the right ways of living life.

In this book on spirituality, we learn about the way of living life, according to Hinduism. Through Arjuna, he conveyed the spiritual path of discrimination, devotion, and wisdom to the world.

legendary figures of history
Legendary Historical Figures: Famous Personas Throughout The History

Chinese Philosopher: Confucius

Confucius lived during the era of 551-479 BC. He was not only a philosopher but also a statesman, politician, and teacher in the Chinese province. His influence on the Chinese philosophy had shown a light on living life correctly.

Also, he believed in kindness, social interaction, and correct behavior towards others as the right way of living life. Throughout the lifetime, Confucius devoted himself to educating his fellow citizens. He spread ideas about the principles of justice, personal integrity, and service. His philosophy and precepts became the foundation for Chinese philosophy and culture.

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