Know About The Leonardo Da Vinci Story -

Know About The Leonardo Da Vinci Story

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As a youngster I was especially fascinated by the Leonardo Da Vinci story. Leonardo, the Renaissance genius, scientist, artist, explorer, designer, and designer of spaceships was said to have had this incredible ability to invent things that were not yet invented. He was the son of an Italian nobleman and his Queen Consort, Nicomedes.

He was educated by his father, but left the family line when he went off to study the philosophies of the world. His contemporaries reported that he was arrogant and even brash in many ways. There were some who disliked his mannerisms. But as it was written in the book “The Da Vinci Code” he was not as arrogant as many portrayed him to be.

Leonardo Da Vinci Paints Are Beautiful

One of the most popular works of art in the world today is a painting of Leonardo Da Vinci, titled “The Last Supper”. This painting of his is a beautifully painted representation of the last meal of Christ. The artist had also done work of love and compassion for those less fortunate.

Know About The Leonardo Da Vinci Story
Know About The Leonardo Da Vinci Story

Leonardo Da Vinci’s life will forever be a mystery will always be able to captivate the hearts of most people. The Da Vinci story has become a popular topic for television and movies to both tell and show about.

It was believed by many, particularly in London, that he died in 1519. In fact, one of his assistants, Giorgio Vasari, recorded in his “Life of Leonardo da Vinci” how he admitted to being a fraud. However, this admission could just be one more of the myths and tales which swirl around the life of the Renaissance man.

There is no doubt in my mind that Leonardo was the greatest Renaissance man who ever lived. He also came from the most brilliant and privileged family in Italy. He was the nephew of the wealthy Cardinal Cesare Borgia.

In order to understand the genius of Leonardo, it is important to remember that he had to enter into such a different culture and to bring himself up in order to live in the exotic city of Florence. Here he had to deal with the complex social hierarchy that existed in this city.

He was the only son in a family of three to carry the burden of a brother’s influence. Many of his artworks would be destroyed by the jealous Cardinal Borgia, who was known to be quite corrupt.

Leonardo Da Vinci Has Best Art Works

His brother, Innocent III, became Pope Urban VIII when his father was assassinated and it was Cardinal Borgia who became the new head of the Church. At the age of nineteen, Leonardo was chosen to be the Padre of his house and to lead his household. In fact, he was given this role because of his very close relationship with his uncle and cousin, Raphael. And of the fact that he was related to the infamous Duke of Milan.

Know About The Leonardo Da Vinci Story
Know About The Leonardo Da Vinci Story

He went through the penultimate stage of his education at the renowned University of Pisa. The Camaldolese, which is where Leonardo studied the various aspects of his work.

Leonardo’s work remained in the shadows for years and it was only at the end of his life that it was fully recognized. His mother had kept his notebooks in order to enable him to continue his work. But when her house burned down, her notebooks were lost and the books were lost forever. So Leonardo did not finish his notebooks until several years later. But that is when he began to use his paintings for his own designs.


Today, his works are in museums and on display throughout the world. But don’t be fooled, they are very original and beautiful in their own right. I hope you enjoyed this interesting Leonardo Da Vinci story and maybe learned something new about Leonardo’s life and times.

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