Galileo Galilei - Interesting Facts You May Not Know -

Galileo Galilei – Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Galileo Galilei- Interests Facts You May Not Know

Galileo Galilei was popularly known as the father of modern physics. He made great contributions to science and technology. The discovery of four satellites of Jupiter is one of the most significant discoveries of this astronomer. The study of the phases of Venus and the study of sunspots also made him popular. This prominent scientist faced severe criticism from the church for his inventions. He found that Earth revolved around the Sun. There is a lot of interesting facts about Galileo that probably you may not know.

Galileo Galilei- Interests Facts You May Not Know
Galileo Galilei- Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Galileo Galilei Didn’t Invent The Telescope

Many people believe that Galileo Galilei invented the telescope. But the first telescope was built by a German-Dutch glassmaker named Hans Lippershey. But Galileo obtained one of the pieces made by this Dutch. Later, he modified and improved its design. Galileo could make a telescope that could magnify things even 20 or 30 times better than the original one. In fact, Galileo could transform a mere toy into a useful scientific instrument.

Galileo Galilei’s Daughters Were Nuns

Even though Galileo never married, he had a relationship with a woman named Marina Gamba. With her, he had three children. He sent his two daughters, Virginia and Livia, in a convent near Florence. But, Galileo had conflicts with the Catholic church at that time due to his discoveries. Still, both sisters spent the rest of their lives there. This great astronomer maintained a close relationship with his older daughter, Virginia. She later took the name, Sister Maria Celeste. His son, Vincenzo, studied medicine at the University of Pisa. He married like all adults and resided in the city of Florence.

Galileo Galilei- Interests Facts You May Not Know
Galileo Galilei- Interesting Facts You May Not Know

The Roman Inquisition Sentenced Galileo Galilei To Life In Prison

Copernicus made a heliocentric theory about the way the universe works. It already challenged the belief of religious people. According to the church, that theory was wrong and controversial. The Catholic church declared his theory heretical because his theory was again the Bible verses. They permitted Galileo to investigate the theory of Copernicus. Galileo published a book that supported the ideas of Copernicus. As a result, the Roman Inquisition ordered Galileo to stand for trial before them. They asked him to repent publicly and sentenced him to life in prison.

Galileo’s Middle Finger Is On Display In A Museum

Not many people know that Galileo’s middle finger was on display in a museum in Italy. This astronomer buried in a side chapel at the Santa Croce Church in Florence. After a century, his remains transferred to a burial church to honor him. One of his teeth and three fingers along with vertebra were removed from his corpse and kept by an admirer. But the Church thought it was lost. Fortunately, his tooth and two fingers appeared at an auction. Now you can see those remains in the Museums of Italy.

There were many interesting facts related to Galileo Galilei, the famous Italian astronomer. He opened the eyes of the world with his unique way of thinking. His workings of astronomy and solar system made him popular across the world. But he faced a lot of criticism because of his discoveries. People in his era could not accept his findings. But, his contributions to the field of science and technology were outstanding.

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