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Bill Gates Facts – What You Don’t Know

Bill Gates Facts – What You Don’t Know

Bill Gates facts follow a list of unknown events. The billionaire has gained immense fame during his lifetime. He has made it possible for people to follow their dreams. The billionaire had gathered influence with sheer hard work and painstaking planning. His power increased with his career.

Microsoft had turned out to be a household phenomenon. People regarded the company with awe and respect. The combination had helped the founder climb high on the success ladder. However, there are events in his life which people might not know about. Everyone has such events in their lives. The Microsoft founder has many stories to tell the world.

Bill Gates Facts – What You Don’t Know
Bill Gates Facts – What You Don’t Know

Bill Gates Facts – The Number One Entrepreneur

He has succeeded in capturing the number one spot. To his credit, he has clung to it too. The clinging period is not a short one. He has been on the spot for 23 long years. Many have come ever since. They have tried as well. However, not everyone has the talent and stamina to dethrone the king.

In 2017, he had lost the position for a brief while. The Amazon founder had taken over the spot. However, that time lasted for a couple of years. The Microsoft founder once again took over the position with his right and might.

Bill Gates Facts – He Is Color Blind

Powerful people face one problem. People don’t believe in their weaknesses. The Microsoft founder also has a drawback. This weakness is not a serious one.

He cannot see colors. This revelation came in 2006. In an interview, he confessed that his eyes cannot detect color. However, the color blindness could not stifle his spirit or restrain his creativity. The billionaire worked with strength and resolution despite the weakness.

Bill Gates Facts – He Started Early

He had embraced computers at an early age. His love for the machine came instantly. Programming came to him easily. Immediately he had turned to program computers. He wrote a game to help people enjoy playing tic tac toe. This was his first computer program.

Bill Gates Facts – A Voracious Reader

Voracious reading played a big role in his life. Books had turned out to be his best buddies as a child. Even today, the billionaire encourages young people to indulge in books. He came across immense wealth in the pages. Written words engulfed his mind.

He manages to create time to indulge in books despite his hectic days. In fact, according to sources he reads around 50 books every year. That is a huge number of readings. One book each week has enriched his mind and helped him to work more.


His talent does not end at programming. He does not restrain himself at reading only. The billionaire has penned books in his free time.

Bill Gates Facts – What You Don’t Know
Bill Gates Facts – What You Don’t Know


People already know about his educational background. Microsoft had taken away all his time. He needed to devote himself to the growth of his company. Due to this, he had to give up formal education. However, that did not create any hindrance in his life. He had succeeded in becoming a billionaire without a college degree.

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