Best Elvis Presley Story: Rare Facts About The Rock & Roll King

Best Elvis Presley Story: Rare Facts About The Rock & Roll King

best Elvis Presley story

When it is about the Rock & Roll King, there can’t be one best Elvis Presley story. His journey to become the King of the Rock & Roll genre is fascinating. He was just a lonely southern boy who, with his talent and luck, has become the legend. However, apart from his celebrity side, there were many rare stories that only a few people saw and knew. There are so many mysteries that the man had hidden that most of the super fans didn’t know. But, Priscilla Presley, his wife of almost six years, truly saw him through.

Best Elvis Presley Story: Death Of Twin Brother

Yes, the Rock & Roll King had a twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley. But the unfortunate fate took him away from the world at birth. If the tragedy hadn’t taken place, the life of Elvis would have been different. He might not have to live an alone life with his brother at his sight. This thought of losing the twin brother at birth always haunted him. Later on, he inherited three stepbrothers as his father remarried after his mother’s demise.

Best Elvis Presley Story: Rare Facts About The Rock & Roll King

A Loner During His Growing Up Years

Before Elvis turned out as an excellent people-pleaser, he lived a reclusive life. Others described him as a loner. Sometimes, he would bring his guitar in his school and play it during lunchtime. And other children tormented him for the gesture and called him “trashy”.

Those children used to throw rotten fruit towards him and made fun of his choice of music. Some of the more outrageous ones would cut his guitar strings. But after the incident, the students who understood his love for his guitar saved some money to bring him new strings.

Best Elvis Presley Story: At 19 Turned Down After His Audition

When Elvis was 19, he was ready to set his feet on the glamorous world of music. However, after audition, he received a prompt rejection. He had auditioned for joining in a gospel quartet, but they refused to take him in. But “The King” of the Rock & Roll was surely not upset later on. Before this audition, he already paid $4 for recording a song for his mother as a gift. So, as a budding artist, he was already getting some traction in the Memphis music scene.

Drafted Into The Army

When Elvis was in his early ’50s, he gained recognition across the world for his work. So, Sun Records signed him at that time. “Love Me Tender” and “Heartbreak Hotel” was his top hits when the company signed him. However, like Elvis, like other men, was selected and sent off to the army. In the army, he served actively for two years and also four years in reserves. Even after gaining fame, he requested the media that he want to be treated like other men in the army.

Real stories of Elvis Presley
Best Elvis Presley Story: Rare Facts About The Rock & Roll King

Mother’s Death Broke Elvis’s Heart

For Elvis, his mother Gladys had the biggest place in his heart. Elvis was very close to his mother. So, when his mother became ill, he felt devastated hearing the news. When the incident occurred, Elvis was serving in the military. However, Elvis immediately planned to come back to her. Sadly, she passed away at the age of 46 years from a heart attack. When his mother died, he said that he lived for his mother, and she was the best girl in his life. The sadness of his mother’s demise remained with him throughout his career.

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