Best 3 Elvis Presley Songs -

Best 3 Elvis Presley Songs

elvis presley songs

Elvis Presley is one of the famous singers in the 20th century. Many know him as the King of Rock and Roll. He left a fantastic mark that still lives up to this date. Even before Michael Jackson became popular, Elvis already existed in the music industry.

According to many music enthusiasts, Elvis has brought a huge influence not only to his fans but also to a lot of people around the world. His music also molded the music industry in a great way.

Unfortunately, he died on August 16, 1977, but left many popular Elvis Presley songs that we can still enjoy until now. Many people still remember the iconic popstar because of his hit records. To remember Elvis Presley today, here are three of the best songs became a major hit around the world.

Suspicious Minds

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This song is one of his best and was recorded in 1969. Suspicious Minds is about a broken relationship with so many emotions and doubts. The lyrics are perfect if you are going through a tough time with your relationship. It is a classic song that will get under your skin, and his energy on the live stage while performing this song is impressive.

It is one of the great songs where the twist is just unbearable. This song became the number one in the United States right before Elvis’ death. But, until this moment, it stayed in many people’s hearts.

Hound Dog

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Hound Dog is one of the famous songs of Elvis, but many find it slightly ridiculous. The lyrics of the song are always associated with unfaithfulness. If you are sad and listening to this song, you will cry. It is a good rock and roll that you can jive. This music gives off a different vibe depending on the person’s current feeling.

However, you must know that Elvis does not originally sing this song. Still, he made it very well-known to many people. For being famous, Hound Dog is one of the Elvis Presley songs that faced many issues and controversies that include copyright and infringement. However, people still remember this song to be Elvis’.

Jailhouse Rock

This song was displayed in the movie named after the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis. For seven weeks, the song became the number one in the United States chart. The intro rock has left a remarkable place in the rock song industry because it is impressive.

Jailhouse Rock has been covered by many singers too. They made their renditions of this song, but nothing beats the original.


Elvis Presley will be and still remains one of the most iconic personalities that have walked this Earth. Even if he is now gone, his songs remain in the hearts of many people. Many of his fans will truly remember him, and generations will continue to remember him through his songs. You will enjoy many Elvis Presley songs because they will uplift you and once became a big hit in the music industry.

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