Ancient Greek Philosophers: Know Some Great People -

Ancient Greek Philosophers: Know Some Great People

Ancient Greek Philosophers

Ancient Greek philosophers arose during the sixth century BC. They lasted throughout the Hellenistic era and the period when many Greek-inhabited countries were under the Roman Empire and were involved in wars against other nations. Philosophy was primarily used to make sense of the world from a spiritual point of view. It was not merely used for political and military purposes, which had been previously mentioned.

Although most of us have heard about the philosophers Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and many others in the Western tradition, most people do not know that the Greeks had many philosophers who lived in Asia Minor during the first three centuries BC. These philosophers were Menander, Parmenides, and Zeno.

Archaic Period

The two most famous of these were Menander and Parmenides. These men lived at a time which was known as the Archaic Period. This period was a transitional period between the Classical Period and the Hellenic period. This period was a time when Greece and Asia Minor were still relatively independent from one another.

ancient greek philosophers of Archaic Period
Ancient Greek Philosophers: Know Some Great People

The two philosophers were contemporaries with each other. Both were contemporaries with the third and fourth-largest city, Athens. The first thing that we must know about these two philosophers is that both had great success in Athens. They became well-known and were popularly elected into the Assembly of Representatives, which was then called the Assembly of Dictators.

Menander And Parmenides

Their names were Menander and Parmenides. They lived in Asia Minor near Sparta, Mycenae, Corinth, Lacedaemon, and Athens. Both men lived at the same time and were very famous in Athens during the Archaic Period.
These two philosophers were very popular with their contemporaries. They even received a scholarship to join the Academy of Athens, which was the only school of philosophy in Athens during this time. They became friends with Socrates, who later on would become his most important teacher.

Western Philosophy

These two philosophers were very influential on their day and contributed greatly to Western Philosophy and the Great Philosopher that we know of today. The development of Western Philosophy is now considered to be one of the greatest periods in history. The great philosophers that influenced Western Philosophy were Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Montaigne.

Founders Of Western Philosophy

These three were considered by many to be the founders of Western Philosophy, although they were not the first of great philosophers. They certainly were among the greatest of their time and were the ones who helped to develop Western philosophy to the level that it is today. I hope that you have learned something about these great philosophers during this brief introduction.
Socrates was a great philosopher because he was so original and so different from other Greeks that he has become the most interesting of all of them. His life is one of the greatest mysteries and one of the greatest myths of all time. His own life is a myth, and many people believe that he is still around today.

Western Philosophy from ancient greek philosophers
Ancient Greek Philosophers: Know Some Great People

The Socratic Method

The Socratic Method, which Socrates used in teaching, is probably the greatest form of education. It is the basis of most of what we know of the Western Intellectual tradition. Socrates founded it in Athens, and its principles are still practiced to this day.
Parmenides was a famous Greek philosopher who lived in Athens during the 5th century BC. He was an expert in astronomy and mathematics, and he made use of the Forms concept, which he discovered. His most famous work, however, is his Meditations.

Final Words

His work on logic and metaphysics is considered one of the most important and influential on Western philosophy. His influence is still felt to this day. It is because of these two men that Western Philosophy developed in the United States. Both of these great philosophers are still considered important historical figures in the history of Western Philosophy.

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