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About Abraham Lincoln Mystery Revealed

Abraham Lincoln

Everyone knew the history of Abraham Lincoln died in 1865, but very few know the real story of his assassination in 1861, nearly four decades before. The mystery surrounding his death continues to be the subject of books, movies, and television shows, with many historians pointing to several secrecy elements as the reason for Lincoln’s death. But why was he assassinated, and who did it?

House Of Representatives

Secretly, Lincoln wanted to go into politics. He wanted to serve in the House of Representatives in the new Congress, which was just being sworn in. Instead, he decided that the best thing for him would be to serve as President of the United States. The fact that he had no intention of going into politics made it easier for those who hated him to attack him.

New Congress Party Member
About Abraham Lincoln Mystery Revealed

Secret Service

One of the key elements of the conspiracy to kill Lincoln was secrecy. Secretly ordering a hit on his life was an important step in the plot. Although the Secret Service was aware that Lincoln wanted to go into politics, they did not know exactly where he wanted to lead the country or what his plans were for the United States. For this reason, Lincoln was not necessarily the target of their conspiracy.

Long And Colorful History

Because the Secret Service was not specifically involved in the plot, some historians argue that they did not provide sufficient protection for the President. If you are not familiar with the Secret Service, this is a good place to start. The Secret Service protects the President and his family.

President Personal Life

The Secret Service has a long and colorful history. The agency was formed during World War I and was responsible for keeping the President and his entire family safe while they were in Europe. The Secret Service also was charged with protecting the President in his personal life, which included arranging for the children to attend private schools, and for Lincoln to have a secretary and valet at all times.

Foreign Leaders: Abraham Lincoln

Secret Service agents also guarded the President while he traveled and met foreign leaders. The Secret Service also protected the President when he was not in the White House by taking part in his trips to foreign countries.

Protects President From Criminals

Today, the Secret Service is still very much involved with protecting the President. Its primary mission is to protect the President and his family from any danger from outside sources. In other words, it is the Secret Service that protects the President from criminals. Himself and those who want to harm him. This is why it can be difficult to understand why Lincoln wanted to continue to keep secret what he was planning to do, or why he believed it was necessary to keep secret his entire first term in office.

Maintain Secrecy

Perhaps this is the reason that Lincoln tried so hard to maintain secrecy. It is possible that he believed that if his plans were revealed. It would bring down his government and that there might not be enough people left to run it effectively.

Political Enemies: Abraham Lincoln

Another possibility is that he was hoping to have his Secret Service protect him from political enemies who could be put in power. In many cases, this is probably not possible, but it is not impossible. Although we have very little knowledge about what happened after his death. He did not plan to run his government the same way that his father had done it.

Theory Suggests: Abraham Lincoln

There are many theories about Abraham Lincoln’s plan, some of which may be true. One theory suggests that he may have thought that having the Secret Service protects him if he was forced into retirement or decided to run for a second term, which he did not intend to do.

Lincoln’s Life: Abraham Lincoln

It does seem likely that the Secret Service if indeed it was a factor, was not as important to the administration as was later rumored and reported by newspapers. The Secret Service was an element in Lincoln’s life; it was a part of his personal life.

Secret Service Of Abraham Lincoln
About Abraham Lincoln Mystery Revealed

Check The Information

For more information about Abraham Lincoln’s Secret Service, you can search the Internet for articles written by historians. People who were there and those who knew him well. When you find something interesting, check the information against the facts as best as you know it.

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