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7 Best Great Leaders Quotes

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Meta : Great leaders of the past often leave lessons for younger generations. Get motivated with these quotes towards being a great leader yourself.

Leaders become influencers of many people. They have exhibited outstanding leadership, and because of their excellent leadership skill, they have shared different quotes to live. Through this, they have inspired many people, and you can be one of them too. These great leaders’ quotes are perfect for reading during times when you lack motivation.

John Quincy Adams

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Real leadership will show naturally. Leaders become good because of their significant actions. He said that actions would determine how they can motivate and inspire their followers. To effectively influence people, you have to be an inspiration and show them your best. A leader’s power comes from how he can inspire others, not on authority.

Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill is one of the most popular and infulential people in history. With his writings, fidelity, and bravery, he was able to bring pride to his country and men.

According to some of Churchill’s infamou lines, he said that leadership is not just a job. People chose you to be a leader because they believe in you. You have to be an example to them, show them the right actions.

Leading by example is sometimes overlooked, but this is the most incredible way to lead people. Leaders should be the first one to do the job for their people to follow them. That way, you will also be respected by your governed people.

Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu has many quotations that inspire many people. One thing he values in leadership is empowerment, and every member must feel empowered. As a leader, your role is to display motivation, the right attitude, and encourage them to do better. Lao Tzu has great leaders quotes that people like to read and find inspiration.

Leroy Eimes

Leaders become sufficient for being visionaries. They must not focus on the past issues but instead focus on what tomorrow can bring. Always think before you make decisions and consider your people when making one.

Theodore Roosevelt

A boss and leader have two different roles and characteristics. A boss drives his employees, and a leader motivates his people. If you become a great leader, always be true. Inspire your people to work well and become one with the organization.

Nelson Mandela

A leader should also be an innovator. Even if you lead from behind, do not leave your responsibility. Make sure that your people are always innovating.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is know for his wise mind. He has influenced and helped a lot of people during his time, despite his lapses. According to this amazin man, leadership is about focusing on the greater good, not about who else is someone to blame. If someone failed to do things correctly, teach them, and do not blame them.

This quote from Gandhi should be walked by leaders these day. Just because one of your people made a mistake does not mean they are worthy. A leader must always be there to teach his people and lead them towards the greater good.


The following great leaders’ quotes will inspire you and leave motivation. Do well, and your people will do the same.

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